Omni core microscope

SMT  inspection microscope - Ash microscope

Fully stand alone system – plug and play - it couldn't be any easier.  Works with a mouse and keyboard – picture displayed on a HDMI Monitor.

Omni core is a very flexible inspection microscope. You can download omnicore apps after your choice and specific needs, and get the most out of your PCB inspection microscope.

Suitable for multiple inspection purposes the Omni Core is a fantastic choice when it comes to microscopic inspection.

  -  Digital inspection microscope - perfect for electronics

Microscopic inspection with the omni core

When you buy an Omni core you get a package that consists of: quadrant Controllable Ring Light, Lens +5, Mouse & Mat, Keyboard, Power Supply, HDMI to HDMI Cable, Mini USB Cable (for PC connection), USB Memory Stick, Grounding Cable, x2 Arm Brackets (For Standing Mounting), Arm Receiver, User Manual and Cleaning Cloth.

Omni specifications:

  • Zoom Range (with supplied +5 Lens): 2.5 - 122x

  • Camera Resolution: 1920 x 1080, 30 Optical, 2 x digital

  • Operating Temperature: 
    - Storage -10°C - 60°C
    - Operating +5°C - 40°C

  • Monitor Connections: HDMI  or  DVI

  • Monitor Requirements: HD Ready  or  Full HD (recommended)

  • Input / Output: 
    - HDMI Output
    - USB 2.0 Port x4
    - Mini USB Port
    - RJ45 Ethernet Connector (network)
    - General Purpose IO Port x3
    - DC Power Jack 24V

  • Image Capture: 
    - Internal Storage
    - Removable USB Image Storage
    - USB on the Go (PC Connectivity)

  • Power: 24W

  • Dimensions: 216 mm x 125 mm x 136 mm

  • Weight 1.75 kg