YAMAHA S-tool - Setup software package

The S-Tool ensure flawless setup using bar-codes that works together with the Setup software

The S-Tool SMT software verify setup and keep track on components for the job in question e.g. component stock has a component reached it's expiry date and a counter that monitor the remaining SMD components for the job your are working on - this while your line is running. 

The setup software is a part of the YAMAHA smt software solutions

The S-tool software

YAMAHA setup software

The picture illustrates the 4 YAMAHA software packages, the Setup tool, S-Tool, works in combination with the programming tool. As the setup is naturally extension of the programming. 

Note that the S-Tool software works as a IT server solution.

No assembly line is the same - this also means that not all companies need the same assembly line software. 

S-tool - questions & price

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