wave solder machine acrab 350 from ICT

Wave soldering in nitrogen atmosphere

Wave solder Acrab 350 ICT

To meet the wave solder requirements to perform wave soldering on automotive electronics, communications electronics, computers, mobile phones and other wave soldering on other consumer electronics, the heating module in the Acrab 350 wave solder has a horizontal reflow design that makes each heating zone separate to the adjoining heading zones ensuring an accurate temperature curve in the 350 Acrab wave solder.

The wave solder Acrab 350 ICT supports boards with 350 mm width. Are you looking to wave solder wider boards, take a look that 450 wave solder unit.

  - Total length 4.420 mm

About the wave solder Acrab 350 ICT, nitrogen atmosphere

  • PCB width: 50 - 350 mm

  • PCB clap finger: Spring pressing finger (standard)
    - option: Duck mouth finger

  • Solder pot temperature: 300°C 

  • Solder pot capacity: 500 kg

  • Solder pot warm-up time*:  approx. 150 min (setting: 250°C)
    *The Acrab 350 has a timer function that can be set to preheat the solder pot in advance before production.

  • Preheating zones: 3 mm

  • Preheating length: 1.800 mm 

  • Machine size: 4.420 x 1.420 x 1.750 mm

  • Machine weight: Approx. 1.600 kg

For more specifications about the ICT 350 Acrab wave soldering machine, download the product flyer below.

  • External flux sprayer 

  • Nitrogen protection 

  • Selective flux spray 

  • Chiller

  • MES system

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Inside the wave solder Acrab 350 ITC wave soldering dip line

Inside the wave solder oven acrab 350 with ITC wave soldering

Download data on nitrogen wave soldering oven Acrab350 from ICT

Acrab 350 flyer

Download Acrab 350 wave solder flyer 
Here you can download the 350 Acrab wave solder product flyer. In fact, the product flyer display the Acrab wave solder series, alongside informative product pictures.


Wave solder video

Wave soldering process with Acrab
Press play, lean back and see the wave soldering process flow in the Acrab wave solder machine. An informative step by step video that takes you through every wave solder function.

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