New field service specialist
Welcome Michael

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Michael Hjertström joins the CORE-emt service team

New field service specialist at CORE-emt

Welcome Michael

We have the great pleasure to welcome Michael Hjertström to the CORE-emt family. It is no coincidence that Michael ended up working with electronics. As he became intrigued by it as child. Later, Michael discovered that the combination of his interest for SMT production and his distinctive ability to problem solve was a perfect fit.

For the last 14 years Michael have spent his time learning the electronics industry inside out by working with THT mounting, assembly, soldering, repair, selective soldering operator, SMT operator and lastly with YAMAHA AOI and YAMAHA SMT programming.
Michaels deep understanding of assembly line production and his hands-on experience will be a great advantage in his new position as a Field Service Specialist at CORE-emt.

When not at work Michael is an active fellow that likes to create things and dive into new knowledge.

It could be projects on the computer, electronics projects, DIY projects in wood or painting a house – just for the fun of it (-:

Michael is also a curious soul that collects old long forgotten tools that he finds interesting. 

Welcome Michael Hjertström to CORE-emt
Michael Hjertström

Field Service Specialist
  +45 30 17 82 15

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