Productronica 2021

Electronics expo

CORE-emt at Productronica 2021

See YAMAHA SMT machinery, BTU reflow ovens, NUTEK board handling,

StorageSolutions, SYSTRONIC cleaning systems & Techvalley X-ray inspection at the Productronica expo

New inspiration? Productronica is the place to be

We invite you to inspiring days at Productronica with new tech and networking.

Beside the strong brands we represent, you will find a wide range of relevant equipment for electronics industry - so don't miss Productronica expo 2021.

It is the perfect setting to learn about industry trends, new technology and network, and the CORE-emt Team; Steen, Peter & Kai, are ready to assist you.

Let's meet at Productronica
Do you have your eye on a specific SMT machine, need face to face guidance - or do you just want to meet up.

Please book a meeting, to ensure that you will get our undivided attention. 

Meet CORE-emt team at the Productronica expo


The venue for Productronica 2021 is at the
Messe München fair grounds.

The CORE-emt team will mainly be present at the YAMAHA SMT, BTU,  NUTEK, StorageSolutions, SYSTRONIC & Techvalley booth.


Date: 16 - 18 of November 2021
Time: 9 am - 6 pm

Date: 19 of November 2021
Time: 9 am - 4 pm

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SMT line machinery is on display at Productronica that CORE-emt supply

Strong brands exclusively offered by CORE-emt
- all displaying at Productronica

Meet the CORE-emt team at Productronica 2021

Let's meet at Productronica 
See YAMAHA SMT machinery at Productronica 2021

YAMAHA SMT stand 323 in Hall A3
See SMD Storage Solutions cabinets and towers at Productronica 2021

StorageSolutions stand 254 in Hall A3
Meet NUTEK board handling conveyors at Productronica 2021

NUTEK board handling stand 477 in Hall A2
Meet SYSTRONIC cleaning systems at Productronica 2021

SYSTRONIC cleaning systems stand 155 in Hall A3
Meet BTU international reflow ovens at Productronica 2021

BTU reflow oven, Stratus Vision stand 441, Hall A3
Meet Techvalley X-ray inspection units at Productronica 2021

Techvalley X-ray inspection stand 554 in Hall 2A

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