Humidity control cabinets & baking cabinets

Keep SMD components in prime condition with the humidity cabinets

SMD Humidity Control Cabinet

Keep your sensitive components safe with a humidity control cabinet

Keep your sensitive SMD components stored at a constant humidity and temperature with a SMD humidity control cabinet from Dr Storage or Mekko.

By storing SMD components in a ESD safe environment with low humidity you prevent oxidation and decay of component.

That is why SMD humidity cabinets or other kinds of SMD baking cabinets that offer humidity control dry cabinet qualities is recommended.

Humidity control cabinet from essegi storage solutions

ISM 500 cabinet

Humidity Control Cabinet | The humidity control cabinet from Storage Solutions can be used as a stand alone cabinet or as a part of complete storage solution system.

Mekko SMD humidity control cabinets and baking cabinets


Humidity Control Cabinets | Humidity controlled drying storage cabinets with MTX-Flow Technology Dehumidifier for rapid moisture removal from components.

We can give you price on SMD humidity control cabinets

Humidity cabinet

Give some extra details | We have a deep understanding when it comes to SMT production and know how to store your components the best way.

Dr Storage SMD humidity control cabinets

Dr Storage

Humidity Control Cabinets | See all dry cabinets and baking cabinets from Dr Storage. Use Dr. Storage SMD cabinets to store your sensitive SMD components.

Along side the humidity cabinets we offer a complete storage solution

Storage solution

Complete storage solution | We also offer a complete storage solution that handles SMD logistics, SMD storage, saves warehouse space & eliminates human errors.