Solder Screen Printer YAMAHA YCP10 from YAMAHA SMT

Compact YAMAHA YCP10 solder printer​

YAMAHA YCP10 solder printer

YAMAHA YCP10 solder printer is a high speed solder paste screen printing machine that have the capacity for ultra small chips 008004" (0201 mm).

The YCP10 solder paste Screen Printer unit feature what we call 3S head: Single Swing Squeegee, solder paste filling adjustment, remaining solder paste quantity detection, visual matching and stencil vacuum.

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  - Best in it's class - Cycle time: 8 sec

About YAMAHA YCP10 solder printer

  • YCP10 YAMAHA - high speed printing 8 sec/cycle

  • Wet print accuracy: ±25 μm ( 6σ )

  • Positioning repeatability accuracy: ±10 μm ( 6σ )

  • Stencils up to L 750  x  W 750 mm

  • Printing head information:
    - 3S head ( 3S = Swing Single Squeezee )

    - Squeegee speed: 2 to 200 mm/sec
    - Squeegee pressing force: 5 to 200 N +/- 2N ( feedback control )
    - Squeegee printing attack angle: 45 to 65 degree ( variable control )
    Squeegee blade material: Metal or Urethane

  • Options:
    - 2D print inspection camera
    - PCB vacuum system
    - UPS system
    - Temperature control unit
    - Solder Paste-roll volume measurement
    - Software: YAMAHA Factory Tools

  • Machine size: L 1.130 mm x W 1.760 mm x H 1.370 mm

  • Machine weigh: 1.100 kg

Download Yamaha YCP10 specifications on YAMAHA YCP10 Screen Printer

YCP10 spec sheet

Download datasheet on YCP10 | Screen Printer spec sheet to download or to print with more information on the YAMAHA YCP10 solder paste Screen Printer. 
Download to see more.


Yamaha YCP10 video

YCP 10 solder paste Screen Printer | See the screen printer presentation video to really get an understanding on how the YCP10 screen printer machine works.  See the YCP10 screen printer in action.

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