New YAMAHA SMT innovations presented
at Productronica 2021

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New YAMAHA SMT innovations presented at Productronica 2021

It was a delight to inspire visitors by showcasing major innovations to accelerate and enhance surface-mount assembly

Highlights at Productronica 2021

Yamaha SMT’s expo highlights; the new YR-series placement and inspection platforms, are featured for data-driven manufacturing to increase productivity and drive product and process improvement.
They drastically accelerate programming and setup, significantly reduce cycle time, and deliver unprecedented accuracy when placing the smallest components.

'We are delighted that we welcomed many visitors this year, who came to Yamaha seeking solutions to forthcoming challenges.' said Daisuke Yoshihara, Sales General Manager at Yamaha Motor Europe, Robotics Division. 'We continued to support our customers and developed new products during the pandemic and we were happy to showcase our latest innovations to respond to the market’s needs.'

Daisuke Yoshihara, General Manager at Yamaha Motor Europe share his thoughts about Productronica 2021

New YAMAHA SMT production equipment

Visitors saw the new YRM20 next-generation mounter with its advanced rotary placement head and low-impact nozzles, state-of-the-art motion control, enhanced vision, and innovative options. They also witnessed the new YRi-V AOI system, which makes Yamaha’s superior inspection accuracy accessible to customers using any type of SMT equipment. 

Displayed alongside the new Yamaha YR platforms in the One Stop Smart Solution, the latest YSP10 premium printer introduces a high-speed board transport and new options that minimize human intervention, accelerate cycle time, and raise productivity.

The inspection software table, displaying AOI software solutions in a interactive way, was well visited at Productronica 2021.

New YAMAHA SMT software

Visitors also saw how advanced software tools such as the customizable Production Analytics Dashboard and the new Yamaha Intelligent Factory data communication platform support smart manufacturing and provides live machine status, advanced process control (APC), live traceability and two-way verification.
Furthermore, they discovered the benefits of the new YSUP software platform that simplifies control of equipment and processes to monitor performance and enable continuous improvement.

Caption: The inspection software table, displaying AOI software solutions in a interactive way, was well visited at Productronica 2021. 

New YAMAHA SMT innovations

Take a closer look at the 3 YAMAHA units that stole the show at the YAMAHA booth on Productronica 2021

YAMAHA YRM20 was displayed at productronica expo


- NEW - Pick & Place | Meet the new YR-series newest mounter the YRM20 Pick & Place unit from YAMAHA SMT.

YAMAHA YRi-V was displayed at productronica expo


- NEW - AOI  | Presenting the new YRi-V - an AOI inspection system - a part of the YR-series.

YAMAHA YSP10 was displayed at productronica expo


- NEW - Solder Printer | Take closer look at this new solder printer that also was on display in Productronica 2021.

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