Yamaha dual-lane modular wins Global technology award in high-volume pick and place category
Yamaha YRM20 DL dual lane mounter

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Yamaha dual-lane modular wins Global technology award in high-volume Pick and Place category

The Yamaha dual-lane modular champion in the high-volume Pick & Place category 
delivers unparalleled performance by its two lanes ensuring uncompromised PCB assembly efficiency

Yamaha Robotics SMT Section claims victory at the Global Technology Awards 2023 for high-volume Pick and Place. 
Naturally the Yamaha YRM20DL mounter stole the spotlight at Productronica expo, with its unparalleled flexibility to dual-lane manufacturing.

Introduced in April 2023, the YRM20DL accommodates boards up to 330 mm on both lanes concurrently. With fully independent drives and push-up pins in each lane, boards are efficiently clamped, populated, released, and moved out. 

Smart feature: The 'overdrive mode' enable the placement heads to operate in either or both lanes, allowing non-stop feeder cart changeovers.  Users can leverage this flexibility to assign identical products to both lanes, or different products of unequal workload and cycle time, to optimise throughput and ease production planning.

The YRM20DL lets users flex their SMT production capacity at will and without compromise as changing workloads call for greater volume or greater mix. 
We are delighted that we can now celebrate this cutting-edge machine as an award-winning mounter.

Yasushi Miyake  | Yamaha SMT EMEA Branch Manager

The YRM20DL seamlessly integrates with Yamaha dual-lane machines; YRP10 solder printer and YRi-V 3D AOI. This synergy ensures a smooth end-to-end dual-lane productivity, maximizing throughput with a wide range of manufacturing scenarios.

With impressive 120.000 CPH placement speed and precision down to +/- 15 µm, the YRM20DL seamlessly incorporates features inspired by its single-lane counterpart, the YRM20 mounter. 

Both include the 'stopper-less' conveyor system that meets automotive-industry requirements for careful board handling, combined with with low-impact placement nozzles and the elevating precision with Yamaha’s Multiple Accuracy Compensation System (MACS), and options including coplanarity checking and the all-image tracer. 

The optional advanced safety package supports safety category 3 and other safety items and includes independently controlled front and rear signal towers, auto nozzle station, and chip-dump box overflow prevention.

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