YAMAHA YSM10 pick and place

Compact High Speed Pick & Place

YAMAHA SMT YSM10 is an inline compact pick and place machine. We are proud to announce that the compact mounter YSM10 modular increases speed of 25% or more compared to conventional models.

It's a flexible unit due to scalability to adjust production site requirements and with enhanced functionality to provide for table production.

Besides this YSM10 pick & place modular we also bring you the YSM20 modular and the YSM40 modular.

- 46.000 CPH with HM head / 10 nozzles

  • 1-Beam system; 1-Head Class, Entry Model Surface Mounter

  • Supports super tiny component size: 0201 metric = 0050025 imperial. Read more

  • Mounting heads: 
    HM* high speed multi-purpose head with 10 nozzles
    - HM* high speed multi-purpose head with   5 nozzles 
       * HM high speed mounting head adopted with new scan camera for broader range of component size compatibility

  • Mounting Capacity
    10 nozzles HM head - 46.000 CPH    ( 30.000 CPH  with IPC 9850 )

       5 nozzles HM head - 31.000 CPH    ( 20.000 CPH  with IPC 9850 )

  • Speed increases of 25% or more on conventional models and achieving the world’s fastest mounting capacity

  • Scalability for flexibly adjust to production site requirements

  • Enhanced functionality to provide for table production 

  • Machine size: L 1.254 mm x W 1.440 mm x H 1.445 mm

  • Machine weight: 1.270 kg

This YSM10 pick and place machine is compact and have a wide range of nozzles to pick and place various  components.