Compact high speed Pick & Place

Yamaha YSM10 compact pick and place

YAMAHA SMT YSM10 is an inline compact pick and place unit. We are proud to announce that this compact mounter YSM10 modular increases speed of 25% or more compared to conventional models.

It's a flexible unit due to scalability to adjust production site requirements and with enhanced functionality to provide for table production.

Besides this Yamaha YSM10 pick & place modular we also offer the newer mounter models; YSM20 , YRM20 and the YRM20 dual-lane  pick & place.

  - 46.000 CPH with HM head / 10 nozzles

About YAMAHA YSM10 - the compact pick and place

  • 1-Beam system; 1-Head Class, Entry Model Surface Mounter

  • Supports super tiny component size: 0201 metric = 0050025 imperial. Read more

  • Mounting heads: 
    HM* high speed multi-purpose head with 10 nozzles
    - HM* high speed multi-purpose head with   5 nozzles 
       * HM high speed mounting head adopted with new scan camera for broader range of component size compatibility

  • Mounting Capacity
    10 nozzles HM head - 46.000 CPH    ( 30.000 CPH  with IPC 9850 )

       5 nozzles HM head - 31.000 CPH    ( 20.000 CPH  with IPC 9850 )

  • Speed increases of 25% or more on conventional models and achieving the world’s fastest mounting capacity

  • Scalability for flexibly adjust to production site requirements

  • Enhanced functionality to provide for table production 

  • Machine size: L 1.254 mm x W 1.440 mm x H 1.445 mm

  • Machine weight: 1.270 kg

This YSM10 pick and place machine is compact and have a wide range of nozzles to pick and place various  components.

Download Pick & Place YSM10 spec sheet

Yamaha YSM10 data

Download datasheet on YSM10 | If you need the spec sheet to download or to print with more information on the YAMAHA Surface mounter YSM10. Click on the download bottom below.


YSM10 video

Watch the Yamaha YSM10 video | See this video from YAMAHA SMT to really get a sense of how this pick and place machine works. YAMAHA YSM10 pick and place machine is a compact modular.

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