KE Supply lifts production with new total solution
Assembly line machinery & storage solution

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KE Supply lifts production with new total solution

38 years in the electronics business 
– that is something!

When you meet Ib Rosenfeld, the founder and owner of KE Supply, you immediately sense that he is a man that has an in-depth knowledge and passion for the electronics industry.

It is not without reason. Ib has been in the electronics business for 38 years – still going strong and is constantly keeping him and his company up to date technology wise.

KE supply owner Ib Rosenfelt infront of his new SMT lineIb Rosenfeld, founder & owner of KE Supply
People that are passionate about their craft also want to deliver a good product. At KE Supply we are passionate and take pride in being a serious sparring partner for our customers’  

explain Ib Rosenfeld and he continuous:

‘The fact that we inhouse offer the start-up guidance, prototype process, product approval and finally the production of the product 
– this makes KE Supply the agile and attractive partner is it today.’

KE Supply lifts production with new total solution

High delivery capability now - and in the future

An experienced man like Ib Rosenfeld knows that investing in both machinery and his employees is a key factor when aiming to be the best partner for your customers.

The new machinery combined with the employee skills upgrade the KE Supply’s customers can expect both higher quality and delivery capacity due to new YAMAHA YCP10 screen printer and YAMAHA YSM20r Pick & Place.
With our new Pick & Place machine we have increased our CPH with a factor 3.
A combination of the higher speed with best in the industry Screen Printing, high precision component placement and accurate temperature control on reflow oven that will be a big positive for your customers that will feel our improved output and delivery capabilities’
 explain Ib Rosenfeld.

KE Supply complete new SMT line
KE Supply new storage solution

Avoided building extension with new SMT machinery 

Realizing that an expensive extension to the KE Supply buildings was unnecessary that was a pleasant surprise for Ib Rosenfeld after he had chosen the new machinery.

Naturally our primary objective was to invest in the future with our new SMT machinery, but as our new Storage Solution cabinets saves us storage space and the YAMAHA YSM20r pick & place machine gives us such a high amount components mounted on a small floor space. These two things combined had the positive side effect that we didn’t have to move forward with an extension of the buildings that we thought necessary’ state a happy Ib Rosenfeld.

A total solution from one supplier = straightforward & accessible 

At KE Supply they know and understand the security it gives their customers that they can offer a total solution. Following a job from A-Z; From the first meeting, product guidance process, approval of product and production.

For the exact same reason Ib Rosenfeld also chose to a buy a total solution when he invested in his new SMT machinery. Having a total solution is straightforward. If we need help, we only need to call 1 supplier. We feel safe with CORE-emt because they know us, they have all knowledge about our SMT line and a trusted CORE-emt employee lives close to us.’ Ib Rosenfeld explains.

One supplier KE supply
KE supply bought new SMT machinery from YAMAHA, Essegi and BTU

KE Supply has chosen a complete line-up and storage upgrade containing:

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