YAMAHA Factory software Tools

YAMAHA SMT Software packages

Each software package will be tailored for the OEM / EMS company's individual needs

Y.FacT is the YAMAHA Factory software Tools. We have gathered the YAMAHA software tools into software packages to show you how can select the software package that will suit your assembly line requirements. 

YAMAHA p-tool is in the YAMAHA software tools packages
Programming Tool

P-tool info >> 
S-tool setup software is a part of the YAMAHA software packages
Setup Tool

S-tool info >> 

YAMAHA factory software include the T-tool software
Traceability Tool

T-tool info >>
M-tool from YAMAHA smt is a part of the YAMAHA factory software tool packages
Monitoring Tool

M-tool info >>
Odoo CMS - a big picture

How to select the right software package?

Talk to SMT specialists who will give you honest guidance.

Because we base the software packages on the individual customer needs, there will always be an individual configuration of the software - no matter what YAMAHA software package you choose. 

Contact us for software guidance, more information or a demo on the YAMAHA software tools.

Price on YAMAHA SMT software packages