SMT assembly line machinery

For efficient and accurate PCB assembly you need a modern SMT assembly line

SMT assembly line complete line display
A typical modern SMT assembly line is used in OEM and EMS companies all over the world.

SMT assembly line machinery tasks explained

Main tasks performed automatically in a modern SMT assembly line

1) Material incoming & setup

Incoming components & setup for a new job before production

2) Traceability

Marking the PCB for traceability purposes

3) Solder paste printing & dispensing

Screen printing and dispensing processes with solder paste 

4) Solder Print Inspection

Solder Paste inspection (SPI) checks the printed solder paste before mounting the SMD

5) Component mounting

Pick & Place machines place SMD on the solder paste printed on the PCB

6) Mounting inspection

AOI inspection makes a visual control of accuracy of the mounted components 

7) Soldering

Solders the mounted components and other devises in a reflow soldering oven

8) Soldering inspection

Inspection of the soldered PCB is performed with 2D x-ray inspection or visual inspection by AOI or microscopic inspection.

SMT assembly line software 

Simultaneously with the complete SMT line production the SMT line software tracks, shares data in-between units, ERP and storage software - all SMT software serve to support a smooth running PCB assembly production line.

For most electronics companies the SMT software kicks in at incoming material station, follows on to the traceability marking that allows the company to follow the final product for years to come. 

Units supporting the SMT assembly line

Support your SMT line with units that ease the workflow and raise output quality

SMD management & storage 

Storage Solutions that handle SMD logistics and storage.

Cleaning systems 

Cleaning systems and units that ease cleaning PCBA, stencils & solder frames.