Yamaha YR series for PCB assembly
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Yamaha YR series for PCB assembly

What units are found in the Yamaha YR series?

Below you get the full overview of the Yamaha YR series for PCB assembly. 

Each Yamaha YR production unit listed, is also a link that will take you to the product page, where you can dive into more information about each unit in the Yamaha SMT YR-series.  


Yamaha YR series SMT line equipment for PCB assembly

Yamaha YR series Screen Printers

>> Yamaha YRP10 

Yamaha YR series Pick & Place

>> Yamaha YRM20 

>> Yamaha YRM20DL - dual lane

Yamaha YR series AOI

>> Yamaha YRi-V 

Yamaha YR series Software

The software for the YR series is called Yamaha YsUP, and is divided into 6 packages:

>> Programming & scheduling package

>> Production assistance package

>> Traceability package

>> Monitoring package 
       Monitoring, controlling and analyzing

>> Machine to machine collaboration package

>> Maintenance & YsUP remote support

Yamaha YR series for PCB assembly

The YR series is Yamaha SMT's newest platform and the successor of the YS series.

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